Anointed Prayer Partners Ministry is a 501 (C3) Nonprofit Organization

Prayer Services

Prayer Service is a great experience that you will learn and get in touch with the Lord. This prayer ministry is designed with the common person in mind/ this is the Lord’s Prayer service, come as you are, this is an uplifting experience. You will take baby steps one at a time to learn to love the Lord. You will find many people in the ministry that are prayer warriors and they LOVE the Lord. We will make you feel very comfortable to be a part of the service in the Lord’s House.  There is singing, praying, and a very short sermon that comes straight out the bible from; Minister Larry Akins or Pastor Cathy Dixon. These short sermon are very earth shaking that will make you feel so “gooood” inside and out. This is church unusual. You will want to move and get out of your seat, clap your hands, shout around, cry, in fellowship.

 Our Values:

- Evangelist

- Prophetic Ministry

- ‘Intercessory Prayer is the key

- Relationship with the Community

- Speak the truth about the Bible

Our Belief:


What we believe about prayer, Prayer is the key that unlocks the path way to Jesus, for those who know how to pray and also who know the bible and how to pray without cease.

“Reaching out to help those who cannot help themselves”

History Of The Ministry

What to expect from the service

Shine in the love of God's grace, every day.

             Thank You for checking out our Website. This Website was designed to help you discover what our prayer ministry is all about. Anointed Prayer Partner Ministry Inc. is wherever you are on your walk with the Lord. We want to help you find your true path to the Lord House, so come by, take a seat and enjoy the Lord Service. He will be in our meeting. You need to come by and listen to Minister Larry or Pastor Cathy talk about the Lord’s Good News and be a part of the Intercessory prayer group. It is so fulfilling to your soul, and you will leave service so full of the holy spirit.

Welcome from Anointed Prayer Partner Ministry

Come and join us for prayer service 7'00PM every Tuesday,  Church service every Sunday at 10:00AM, and Sunday School for Adult and Youth at 9;15AM every Sunday.

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Anointed Prayer Partners Ministry Inc



To contact us please call;

Pastor Cathy Dixon 727- 906-7857

or write:

P  O BOX 2532 CLEARWATER, FL 33757

Please send donations to Cash App $APPMI